DJI Vinyl Decals
$8 (plus shipping)

These DJI decals are about 5" wide and 3.25" inches high. Mount them on a smooth surface like a drone case or car window. These decals are custom cut from high quality ORACAL vinyl and are weatherproof.

Use the included alcohol pads to clean the surface of your drone before installing the decals. Removing any dirt and oils from your fingers will ensure the adhesive on the decals is able to create an excellent bond.

The application process is as easy as removing the paper backing from the glossy white vinyl decal, lining up the decal on the desired surface, pressing the vinyl decal with your fingers, and carefully peeling off the clear transfer tape from the top of the decal.

Note: While the application process is not challenging, you do need to work slowly and carefully. It's not as simple as peeling off and applying a normal sticker. Watch this video for an example of what's involved in the application process.

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How many of each decal would you like?

  • DJI Inspire Decal:
  • DJI Mavic Decal:
  • DJI Phantom Decal:
  • DJI Spark Decal:

What are these decals made of?
The decals are custom cut from high quality ORACAL 651 Intermediate Cal vinyl. The manufacturer states the vinyl is weatherproof and will last up to 4-5 years when used outdoors. If used indoors, they should never need to be replaced.

Do the decals have a colored background?
No. The rectangle blue background in the photos above is the paper backing the decals are stuck to. When the decals are peeled off the paper backing and applied to the desired surface, you will only see the white decal.

How do I install these decals?
Vinyl decals are easy to install. Just remove the clear transfer tape from the paper backing, line up the decal on the desired surface, press the vinyl down with your fingers to stick the vinyl to the drone, and then peel off the clear transfer tape. See this video for an example.

When will my order ship?
Your decals will be created, packaged, and shipped within two business days from the time you place your order. Orders are shipped from Harrisburg, PA (US) via USPS First-Class Mail in a strong, rigid paperboard mailer. USPS does not pick up mail on Sunday, so no orders will be shipped on Sundays.

Need help?
Contact [email protected] if you have a question or need assistance with your order.
Note: These decals are shown on a blue backing paper. The backing paper is peeled off the decal before applying it.
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