DJI Flight Log Viewer


This flight log viewer is able to decrypt and view flight data inside of the following types of flight logs:

After your flight log has been uploaded, you'll be able to view a summary of your flight, download a CSV file with more detailed information, and/or download a KML file (viewable with Google Earth) to view the flight path in Google Maps.

Note: See the Locating Your Flight Logs section below if you need help finding the flight logs on your mobile device.

Note: This log viewer is not able to process DAT flight logs. DAT files that aren't encrypted can be read with DatCon.

Upload Your Flight Log

Click the "Browse..." button below to select and upload your DJI GO TXT flight log (e.g. "DJIFlightRecord_2016-02-12_[15-33-10].txt") or your Litchi CSV flight log.

Locating Your Flight Logs

Follow these instructions to locate the flight logs on your mobile device:

Getting Help With Your Flight Logs

If you need help, please create a new topic in the DJI Drone Help forum. If you have questions about a specific flight log, please upload it above and include a link in your forum topic to the page that opens after uploading your flight log. It would also be helpful if you include as much information about your flight as you can remember.