HOW TO: Install tablet mount on a Phantom 3 Standard remote controller


The Phantom 3 Standard comes with a remote controller clip that is only large enough to hold the average mobile phone. If you'd like to use a tablet instead, you'll need to install some kind of tablet mount on the remote controller. The Inspire 1 tablet mount is the most stable mount available and a great choice to ensure your tablet is safely and securely attached to the remote controller.

Materials Needed

Tools Needed

Step 1: Remove the mobile phone clip

Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the two screws from the base of the remote controller phone clip.

Gently bend the base of the clip down and away from the top of the remote controller -- and, it'll pop off.

Step 2: Remove screws from the remote controller

Place the remote controller face down on a sturdy surface and use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the four screws on the back of the remote controller.

Note: The remote controller sticks will dig into your work area, so you should lay down a towel or other protective material if you'd like to prevent the sticks from damaging your work area.

Step 3: Open the remote controller

Gently pry open the bottom of the remote controller and raise it up to about a 45 degree angle. The top of the remote controller will remain attached to the antenna as you're doing this.

Gently slide the base of the remote controller away from the antenna. The base should slide out and away from the antenna and allow you to reveal the contents of the remote controller.

Note: The base and top of the remote controller are connected with three cables, so be careful as you lift the base away.

The cables should have enough slack to allow you to lay the base of the remote controller to the side.

Step 4: Disconnect the remote controller cables

Disconnect the three cables connecting the top and bottom of the remote controller.

The cables can be easily removed by inserting a flat head screwdriver at the base of the cable and twisting the screwdriver at a 90 degree angle.

Step 5: Mark the location to drill

A 3/8" hole needs to be drilled into the remote controller so the threaded nut insert can be attached. Use a pencil to make a horizontal mark near the center of the remote controller where the mount arm meets the remote controller.

Note: Draw the line at the bottom of the remote controller arm. If you draw the line in the dead center, your hole will be too far toward the top of the remote controller.

Use the straight edge of a sheet of notebook paper to find the center of the remote controller. Line up the paper with the center of the antenna and center of the remote controller strap hook. Then, draw a vertical line across your horizontal line.

Step 6: Drill the hole for the threaded nut insert

The hole must be 3/8". It'll be easiest to start with a smaller pilot hole (5/64"). And, then inrease the size of the hole by gradually increasing the size of the drill bit (try 11/64", 5/16", and 3/8").

Note: Before drilling the pilot hole, make sure all of the wires have been moved away from the area where the drill bit will enter the remote controller. If you do not move the wires, they will wrap around the drill bit and most likely be ripped from the remote controller.

Use pliers or another sharp tool to cut away the plastic around the hole. You'll need enough room to fit the nut from the threaded nut insert.

After cutting the sides of the plastic, you can bend them back and forth until they break off.

Step 7: Insert and secure the threaded nut insert

Insert the threaded section of the threaded nut insert into the top of the remote controller.

Hand-tighten the nut and use pliers to ensure the nut is threaded the whole way on. 

Step 8: Reattach the remote controller cables

Reattach the three cables that connect the top and bottom of the remote controller.

Step 9: Close the remote controller

Close the remote controller by reversing the steps used to open it. And, reinstall the four screws on the back of the remote controller.

Step 10: Attach the tablet mount to the remote controller

Slide the top of the tablet mount into the threaded nut insert and insert the screw into the bottom of the tablet mount to secure it.

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