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Phantom Help is a site for help with the DJI Phantom 2 Vision & Phantom 2 Vision+. Find the latest fixes, how-tos, guides, accessories, and modifications.
00 Phillips Screwdriver (needed to open Phantom)
2mm Hex Screwdriver (needed to open Phantom)
Battery (get a few spares so you can fly longer)
Camera Guard (protect your camera)
Go Professional Case (high quality & built well)
Inertia Guard (prevent gimbal cable damage)
Memory Card (max size & fastest data transfer)
Prop Balancer (for smoother flight)
Props (get an extra set in case you damage them)
Remote Control & Identity Stickers
Screw Pack (to replace stripped/lost screws)
Ultimate Phantom Guide (lots of good tips)
Weather Watcher (check the weather before flying)

Prevent Loss of Satellites
5mm & 7mm Ferrites (reduce camera lead interference)
Copper Foil Shield (fix low satellite count)
Tighten GPS Plug (fix loose GPS plug connectors)

Prevent Wi-Fi Module Overheating
Thermal Compound (apply to GPS module chips)

Protect Camera/Gimbal
Camera Guard (protect your camera)
Gimbal Protector - Gimbal Saver (aluminum)
Gimbal Protector - Inertia Guard (plastic)
Gimbal Protector - Phantom Fix (aluminum)

Anti-Static Compass (Vision)
Anti-Static Compass (Vision+)
ESC (v2.1) + 2312 CW Motor + 2312 CCW Motor
GPS Antenna (connect to more satellites)
Props (9450) (quieter & increased lift)
Remote Controller w/Tilt Wheel (rechargeable)

Antennas - FPVLR (increase remote/Wi-Fi distance)
Antennas - Horizon (increase remote/Wi-Fi distance)
Build Your Own Range Booster
Camera Slow Tilt Switch (reduce camera tilt speed)
Camera Tilt Joystick (progressive camera tilt speed)
Copper Foil Shield (fix low satellite count)
Dye props (change color of your props with Rit dye)
Remote Camera Pitch Lever + Lever Centering
Remove Remote Control Throttle Lock
Slow Yaw Switch (reduce yaw speed)

Batteries & Chargers
Battery - DJI
Battery - Limefuel L54P
Battery - Limefuel L60P (2-4 minutes extra flight time)
Battery Charger - Car (cigarette lighter plug)
Battery Charger - Wall (AC powered)
Battery Charger - Wall (charge 3 batteries at once)
Battery Discharger (completely discharge DJI batteries)
Battery Storage Bag (prevent battery fires)
Power Inverter (charge batteries in your car)

Camera & Video
Camera - GoPro HERO4 Black
Camera - GoPro HERO4 Silver
Camera Lens Filter Holder
Camera Mount - GoPro (for Vision+)
FPV Glasses - Cinemizer
FPV Glasses - Epson Moverio
Gimbal - Rotorpixel (attach DJI camera to Vision)
Gimbal - Quickrelease (attach GoPro to Vision+)
Gimbal - Zenmuse (attach GoPro to Vision/Vision+)
Lightbridge (full HD video downlink)
Memory Card - PNY (max size & fastest data transfer)
Memory Card - Sony (max size & fastest data transfer)

Cases & Storage
Backpack - DronePacks (padded foam top)
Backpack - Fearless (comfortable & spacious)
Backpack - Go Professional (precision cut foam)
Backpack - Koozam (hard outer shell)
Backpack - Microraptor Pro (room to store a tablet)
Hard Case - Go Professional (high quality & built well)
Hard Case - Aluminum Case (light & prop guards fit)
Hard Case - HPRC (store with props on)
Hard Case - Microraptor Pro (long handle & wheels)
Hard Case - Military Spec (virtually indestructible)
Hard Case - Nanuk (customizable foam insert)
Hard Case - Red Rock (room for prop guards)
Soft Case - HPRC (store with prop guards on)

Landing Gear - Hobbypower (taller & wider)
Landing Gear - Spider Legs (for more stable landing)
Landing Gear - Summitlink (taller & wider)
Landing Gear - Switchblade (for more stable landing)
Landing Pad (land in grass/dirt/rocks)

DeoxIT Cleaner Spray (keep battery contacts clean)

Prop Balancer - Du-Bro + Rod (for smoother flight)
Prop Balancer - SpeedyTM (for smoother flight)
Prop Balancing Rod - EJH (use on can or glass)
Prop Balancing Rod - Orion (use on can or glass)
Prop Balancing Rod - SpeedyTM (use on can or glass)
Prop Guards - DJI (attach with scews)
Prop Guards - Summitlink (quickly snap on/off)
Props (9443) (original Phantom 2 props)
Props (9450) (newest props / quieter & increased lift)
Props - White Tipped Carbon Fiber
Props - Yellow Tipped Carbon Fiber

Remote Control
LCD Monitor Bracket (mount monitor to remote)
PhantomKnob (more precise control & reduces fatigue)
Phone Sun Shade (eliminate glare)
Phone Sun Shade - E-accexpert (folds flat for storage)
Phone Sun Shade - ShadeO (eliminate glare)
Remote Control Neck Strap (black)
Remote Control Neck Strap (white)
Tablet Mount (for all tablet sizes)
Tablet Mount w/Sun Shade (fits 7" tablets)
Tablet Mount w/Sun Shade (fits 11" tablets)
Transmitter Tray (securely mount a tablet)

Battery Storage Bag (prevent battery fires)
Case Lock (TSA approved)
GetterBack (rescue your Phantom in 100 ft of water)
Headlight & Light Strip (easily spot your Phantom)
Prop Guards - DJI (attach with scews)
Prop Guards - Summitlink (quickly snap on/off)
Remove Before Flight Keychain (hook to gimbal lock)

Arm Band Stickers (OEM DJI)
Arm Band Stickers (durable vinyl)
Phantom Wraps/Skins
Remote Control Stickers (durable vinyl)
Remote Control Stickers (includes identity stickers)

00 Phillips Screwdriver (needed to open Phantom)
2mm Hex Screwdriver (needed to open Phantom)

Flight Tracker - Flytrex (record flight data on microSD)
GPS Portable Receiver + app (add GPS to your iPad)
Tracker - Drone Mods (location tracker)
Tracker - Flytrex (logger & location tracker)
Tracker - Marco Polo (2-mile range & no fees)
Tracker - RF-V16 (location tracker)
Tracker - TK109 (location tracker)
Tracker - Trackimo (location tracker)

Digital Anemometer (measures wind & temperature)
WeatherFlow Wind Meter (for Apple & Android phones)

Camera & Gimbal - P2V (OEM replacement)
Camera & Gimbal - P2V+ (OEM replacement)
Drop Protection Kit (secures camera to gimbal)
ESC (v2.1) + 2312 CW Motor + 2312 CCW Motor
Gimbal Yaw Arm (fix bent gimbal arm)
Gimbal Ribbon Cable - Amazon (fix torn cable)
Gimbal Ribbon Cable - DDM Racing (fix torn cable)
Gimbal Holder & Camera Lens Cover
Landing Gear
Props (9443) (original Phantom 2 props)
Props (9450) (quieter & increased lift)
Remote Control S1/S2 Toggle Switch
Screw Pack (replace stripped/lost screws)
Shell Body (replace cracked Phantom shell)
Wi-Fi Module (OEM P2V+ replacement)

Data Logger
Vision+ Utility (log your flight data)
Vision+ Utility (log your flight data)

DJI Assistant for Vision (firmware/settings)
DJI Assistant for Vision+ (firmware/settings)
DJI Vision (FPV for your mobile device)
DJI Vision (FPV for your mobile device)

DJI Ultimate Flight (DJI Vision alternative)
DJI Vision (FPV for your mobile device)
DJI Vision (FPV for your mobile device)
FPV Booster (Vision+) (DJI Vision alternative)
Unofficial DJI Vision (DJI Vision mod)
Vision Pilot (DJI Vision alternative)

GPS Plan (see available satellites)
GPS Essentials (calibrate mobile device compass)
GPS Status (calibrate mobile device compass)

Adobe Lightroom (edit photos)
Arcsoft Panorama Maker (stitch photos)
Dashware (overlay logged data onto video)
GIMP (free image editor)
GoPro Studio (free video editor)
ProDrenalin (edit video)

Pix4Dmapper (mapping & measuring tool)

Screen Recorder
SCR Screen Recorder Pro

Hover (weather, news & fly zone maps)
Hover (weather, news & fly zone maps)
Weather Watcher (detailed local weather)

FPV Booster (Vision) (improve Wi-Fi connection)
FPV Booster (Vision) (improve Wi-Fi connection)
FPV Booster (Vision+) (improve Wi-Fi connection)
FPV Booster (Vision+) (improve Wi-Fi connection)
Wi-Fi Prioritizer (stay connected to Phantom's Wi-Fi)

Easy way to remove battery
Setup flight simulator (requires remote w/tilt wheel)
Setup waypoints in DJI Vision application
Switch from Phantom mode to NAZA mode

Build It Yourself
Build a tablet sun shade

Adjust gains to improve control
Calibrate compass on Android device
Calibrate compass on Apple device
Calibrate compass on Phantom (when to recalibrate)
Calibrate IMU
Calibrate remote controller with software (best way)
Calibrate remote controller without software

Beginner's guide to editing photos in Adobe Lightroom
Best camera settings for photos
Best camera settings for video
Remove fisheye lens distortion from photos with GIMP
Repair corrupt video file

Bind camera/range extender to Phantom
Bind remote controller to Phantom
Downgrade Phantom firmware (install 1.x or 2.x)
Install DJI Lightbridge (Vision+)
Install & use the Phantom Assistant software
Install Wi-Fi module (Vision+)
Steps to setup brand new Phantom
Update the Phantom firmware

Balance props

Fix erratic gimbal movement
Fix yaw drift
Open the Phantom
Re-level camera after a crash
Remove camera/gimbal from Phantom
Remove metal/dirt from motors
Replace damaged gimbal cable
Replace OEM camera with different camera/gimbal
Replace Phantom body shell
Reset Phantom firmware

Avoid and recover from Vortex Ring State (VRS)
Prevent a flyway

Use FPV Booster to confirm bad DJI smart battery

Drone Camps RC
Simon Newton (On the Kitchen Table)

DJI Forum (official DJI forum)
DJI Guys (UK forum)
DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ Owners (Facebook group)
Phantom Pilots (forum)
SkyPixel (share your aerial photos & video)

Common Acronyms
DJI Dealers
DJI Warranty
LED Blink Codes
Naza-M Intelligent Orientation Control
Naza-M Quick Start Guide
No Fly Zone Map - DJI (your Phantom will not fly here)
No Fly Zone Map - MapBox (you should not fly here)
Old Phantom Assistant releases
Optimal Antenna Position (for maximum range)

Drone Law Journal (usage of drones in USA)
Hobby Flying Dos & Don'ts
TFR List (temporary no fly zones)

Firmware Release Notes
Phantom FAQ
Phantom Specs

Firmware Release Notes
Phantom FAQ
Phantom Specs
Phantom Vision+ Version 3 Changes
Pre/Post Flight Checklist

Ultimate Phantom Guide (lots of good tips)

Phantom Manual
Pilot Training Guide
Quick Start Guide

Phantom Manual
Pilot Training Guide
Quick Start Guide

Cheerson CX-10 (no camera)
Hubsan X4 (no camera)
Hubsan X4 (0.3 MP camera)
Hubsan X4 (HD 2MP Camera)
Hubsan H107D (FPV flight)
Syma X12 (no camera)

UAV Repair Shop
US Drone Repair
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